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Dressing is one of the main ingredients in any salad. To replace the fatty mayonnaise from the store offer recipes of 5 excellent dressings for all tastes.

1. Orange mix

Squeeze the juice of one orange, add to it the same amount of skimmed yogurt. Season with salt, pepper and sugar to taste. Whisk in the mixer

2. Yogurt dressing with dill

One bunch of dill is well chopped, add 100 g diet yoghurt, 1 tbsp. l. apple cider vinegar, pepper and sugar to taste. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a mixer

3. Mediterranean gas station

Finely chop the onion and basil, pour the juice of one lemon and 125 ml of olive oil, stir

4. Dressing kefir

Cut the melted cheese into small cubes, grind the dill, squeeze out 1 clove of garlic, mix everything with kefir with 1% kefir (preferably blender). Season the salad with this mixture.

5. Garlic dressing

When cooking it is important to thoroughly crush or finely chop 4-5 slices of garlic. Rub them with salt (to taste) and add 4 tbsp. spoonfuls of cold, preferably carbonated water (water with gas makes the taste of garlic more active). We mix it all up. Then add 3 tbsp. spoons of highly heated vegetable oil. All ingredients are carefully whipped with a fork or whisk until the oil is white. Once cooled, the garlic salad dressing is ready.

This dressing is good to use for simple vegetable salads, boiled potatoes and vegetables.

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