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Gadgets for Children: Modern Technologies for Development, Learning and Leisure

The distant future, full of incredible achievements of science, has become real for our children. Modern children grow up surrounded by gadgets – smartphones, tablets, OLED TVs, laptops. Toys they need appropriate – those that will prepare for a life closely related to technology, in a world where the language of these same technologies will speak the whole planet.

To immerse yourself in the world of children’s gadgets, you can see the relevant section of the site – or read this detailed selection of ours.

For the little ones

While the baby does not know how to ride a gyrocopter and program robots, gadgets are more needed by his mother. We have already written a lot about various video babysitters and still believe that for any parent it is just an irreplaceable thing. For example, The Samsung SEW-3053WP is a multifunctional video babysitter with a large 12.7 cm monitor and the ability to monitor from any device.

THE SEW-3053WP allows you to remotely control the turn of the camera, which already has a wide viewing angle of 300 degrees and 110 degrees (horizontally and vertically). In addition, the model boasts a high-quality uninterrupted signal with a decent range, as well as the ability to connect up to 4 cameras at a time. What else do you need to be happy? Just a quiet baby’s sleep.

This will help “smart” toys that lull the crumb. For example, a plush Doodoo that is activated by movement or sounds made by a child. The toy has two modes – “pink noise” for newborns, imitating the sound in the womb, and a pleasant lullaby for older children, which will lull even an adult.

Development and training

Russian development CINEMOOD Storyteller is a mini-projector that allows you to arrange a cinema anywhere. Literally. Just point the cube on the wall or ceiling – and you can enjoy watching cartoons and all sorts of tutorials for up to 5 hours in a row in good quality (1080r).

The cube has a multi-gigabyte pre-loaded licensed content, and you can play files from a flash drive or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As a remote is an application, in the menu of which, whether in Russian or English, there are three main blocks – listen, watch, read.

In the audio section, you will find a variety of audiobooks and fairy tales in two languages, lullabies, albums with classical and soothing music. The “Look” section includes 129 cartoons in Russian language and 89 in English, among which there are counts, riddles, tutorials and favorite cartoons like “Kumi-Kumi” and the classic “Soyuzmultfilm.”

In addition, CINEMOOD teaches the gestures of the shadow theatre and is able to reproduce diafilms, so you can accompany reading with interesting pictures!

A real friend for the child will be Roobo Pudding “Emel”: the robot recognizes human speech, answers questions about the weather, time and all the others, beginning m “who is” and “what is”. Emel knows various fairy tales and voice games and communicates with the interlocutor with the help of a built-in camera and microphone. The robot likes to talk about his home planet, make riddles, and joke. If he has to, he can sing! An important advantage of Emeli is his learning – a small assistant remembers that you need to say hello, teaches poetry by heart, and generally behaves like a real person, only with the voice of a Google translator.

Ready to argue, you will be able to fulfill a couple of children’s dreams and generate a lot of new ones if you give your child a wireless robo-ball Sphero SPRKz. With the Lightning Lab app, the child will learn how to project, develop, and program, learning about the world. Enjoy the sea, build cities or dive into the vent of the volcano – this story you write yourself.

The robot’s body is made of durable polycarbonate, which protects the mechanism from infrared radiation, water and other negative external influences.

addition, Sphero released a mini version of the DRoid BB-8 from “Star Warrior”, which cheerfully rides around the apartment, communicates with the owner and reacts to the events around. The droid can also be programmed through the SPRK Lightning Lab platform; it is managed through a convenient application for Android and iOS with a clear interface, as well as on laptops with Chrome OS.

This kind of training will be only a joy – because BB-8 is absolutely charming and very friendly.

When we talk about robots, it is impossible not to mention the kids’ Ozobot. These three-centimeter little friends with their own special language are programmed through the OzoBlockly branded website and move with sensors that distinguish colors and thus read the set codes.

The route for the robot can be drawn with colored markers by hand or create a scheme virtually – then Ozobot will move on the intended trajectory. Complete with the robot are markers and special schemes explaining the principle of programming the robot, but for the most creative kids, you can buy more and “clothes” in the form of hats, mustaches, and other stickers. We have already written in detail about the robots themselves and about their customization.

What could be better than a finished robot? Just a robot assembled with your own hands, so now let’s talk about the designers. Ubtech’s robots are designed to pique a child’s interest in technology and new knowledge. The manufacturing company follows a special STEM development program, the main priority of which is scientific, mathematical, and robot technical areas. This approach is considered to be the most relevant because in the near future programming skills will become an integral part of everyone’s life.

The first assembly of a new friend will take about 3-4 hours. There are two ways to program: write commands using block code or move a robot by recording a sequence of commands directly into the app on your phone. The app has three game modes, 3D instructions and lots, and more.

The important thing is that child will not get bored with the new toy in a couple of days, will develop imagination and programming skills. We had a chance to play with Ubtech Astrobot Kit, which we, of course, wrote in the blog.

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